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3 months ago

Afghanistan National Standards Authority seeks to work more closely with the relevant bodies as the sole standardizing authority and overseeing its implementation in the country in order to improve the quality of life and a healthy environment that require national determination, strong will and sustainable economic policies.

Director General of ANSA

Al-Haj Mula Faizullah Tamim
Al-Haj Mula Faizullah Tamim ANSA Director of General

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Wed, Aug 11 2021 3:35 PM
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ANSA start to boost up carpet and textile quality testing in ANSA's central laboratories. 

ANSA's Carpet and Textile Lab is active and ready to provide services to industrialists, entrepreneurs and exporters of Carpets. These Labs have specialized and professional capicaty. . .

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‎The Textile and Carpet Laboratory of the National Standards Authority is active and ready to provide services to the industry, businessmen and exporters of carpet, textile and leather sectors.

‎The meeting between the National Standards Authority and the Customs Department was conducted online.‎

‎Afghan National Standards Authority leadership meeting held‎

‎The Director General of The National Directorate of Standards met with the Head of Afghanistan Chamber of Industry and Industry.

‎The process of digitizing the affairs of the National Standards authority is expected to begin experimentally.‎

Afghan National Standards Authority (ANSA) press conference

ANSA held an online meeting with the department of Standards Malaysia.

A meeting of the leadership board of the National Standards Authority was held.

The National Flag Day was celebrated at the National Standards Office.

‎The Order and Discipline Committee visited the various departments of the department based on their previous recommendations and orders.‎

‎A meeting of the National Standards Authority contract evaluation committee was held.‎

‎The Technical Director of the National Standards Authority met with the Deputy Minister of Higher Education.‎