Establishing a national quality infrastructure (Standards, Accreditation, Conformity assessment and Metrology)


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Afghanistan National Standards Authority seeks to work more closely with the relevant bodies as the sole standardizing authority and overseeing its implementation in the country in order to improve the quality of life and a healthy environment that require national determination, strong will and Sustainable economic policies were favorable.

Dr.Mohammad Musa Alami
Doctor Mohammad Musa Alemi Director of ANSA

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Thu, Apr 23 2020 5:19 PM
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ANSA leadership Message of Ramadan 2020

The National Office of Standards congratulates all the religious people of Afghanistan on the holy month of Ramadan, the spring of the Quran, the month of romantic worship, mystical. . .

Wed, Nov 13 2019 2:57 PM
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The Authority to stabilize the quality of petroleum products was entrusted to the National Authority of Standards

In accordance with the Presidential Decree and the decision of the Honorable Commission of National Procurement Authority, a Board with the competence of the National Authority of. . .

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Gas imports, quality and traders' problems were discussed.

Afghan National Standards Authority conducts its activities in accordance with all health guidelines and recommendations.

Afghan National Standards Authority reported on its achievements and activities in the year 1398 to the nation.

International Women's Day was celebrated at the National Authority of Standards.

The Supervisory Board of the Commission on Access to Information visited the Afghanistan National Standards Authority.

A coordination meeting was held with the concerned departments to review and implement the national export strategy.

13 days Training Program for (ISO 22000-2018) and (ISO 19011- 2018) started at Afghanistan National Standard Authority (ANSA)

Afghanistan National Standards Authority Opened Herat's construction and PVC materials labs.

In addition to operating the laboratories by the Afghanistan National Standards Authority, the country's Hairatan port construction laboratory was opened.

Afghanistan National Standards Auhtority celebrated the 16th anniversary of the country's constitution.

Afghanistan National Standards Authority, in cooperation with other relevant agencies, monitored the Kabul pumps station.

The technical assistant of the National Standard Authority participated in the National Exhibition and Conference of Promotion.