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Afghanistan National Standards Authority seeks to work more closely with the relevant bodies as the sole standardizing authority and overseeing its implementation in the country in order to improve the quality of life and a healthy environment that require national determination, strong will and sustainable economic policies.

Director General of ANSA

Zabihullah Ziarmal
Aziz Ahmadzai ANSA Director of General

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Sat, Feb 20 2021 11:32 AM
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 A memorandum of understanding was signed between ANSA and Fantom Operations Company.

Fantom, a global company, works on digital governance to speed up and streamline administrative affairs.  Based on this agreement, the work process in ANSA will be expedited and full. . .

Sun, Dec 20 2020 2:44 PM
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Afghanistan National Standards Authority leadership board held meeting.

19 December 2020

ANSA weekly meeting was chaired by Aziz Ahmadzai, Director general, while ANSA deputies, advisors, directors and other staff were in attendance.
In the meeting, some. . .

Sat, Dec 12 2020 2:57 PM
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Afghanistan National Standards Authority leadership board held weekly meeting


12/ December / 2020

A weekly meeting of the leadership board was chaired by Aziz Ahmadzai, Director General of the ANSA,while the advisors,deputies, directors and other. . .

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A meeting of the Technical Committee on Barriers to Trade was held.

Afghanistan Kamal Khan Dam – The second good news of the year 1400

The Director General of Afghanistan National Standards Authority met with the Advisor to the Minister of Interior of Iran on the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between Afghanistan and Iran.

Afghanistan National Standards Authority celebrated national security defense forces day.

A Memorandum Of Understanding Was Signed Between ANSA And Fantom Operations Company.

ANSA signed agreement with Afghanistan chamber of commerce and investment.

ANSA leadership press conference at GMIC Accountability program 1399 to the nation.

ANSA Leadership presented the report of last financial year 1399 in the government media & information system.

An Event held regarding eliminating violence against women.

Afghanistan National Standards Authority is taking positive and fundamental steps to build standards in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan national standards authority signed (MoU) with the faculty of pharmacy, Kabul university.

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