Report of the fifteenth anniversary of the adoption of the constitution and the commemoration week of the constitution

Wed, Jan 09 2019 1:53 PM
Celebrating Constitution

From the fifteenth year of the constitution and the constitutional week during the celebration ceremony at the National Bureau of Standards, the leadership of the National Bureau of Standardization, its staff was represented, the representative of the Commission for the Supervision of the Implementation of the Constitution and the guests celebrated on 18/10/1397 It was done.

 The ceremony began by recite a few verses from the words of Quran Majjed by Mohammad Rafi Manib, the owner of Qari.

At the outset, Ahmad Farid Faqairyar, head of the National Bureau of Standard Standard, congratulated everyone on the fifteenth anniversary of the adoption of the Afghan Constitution and the congratulatory weekly congratulation:

"The Loya Jirga of the constitution from 22nd to 14th of December, 1382 was a major turning point in the history of the country and initiated a major transformation in the post-conflict state of Afghanistan"

Mr. Faqairyar thanked the Independent Commission for the Supervision of the Constitutional Implementation for his grateful efforts in monitoring the implementation of the constitution.

He spoke on the importance of the constitution: "The importance of the constitution as a mother's law and an important national bailiff is not for anyone; in one sentence, the constitution is the major mission of state-building and nation-building. "

He construed the 1382 constitution as the best constitution in Afghanistan and added: "After a 25-year war of conflict and lawlessness, since 57, after looking at the content and structure of a democratic system with the modern values ​​of the contemporary world and with Maintaining the religious and national values ​​of Afghanistan A military system that is plural in political, cultural, ethnic and religious terms and with the guarantee of the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, our Constitution protects the political stability and national unity of the people of Afghanistan, and the only benchmark and framework of our social and national life, and Avoid force, monopolies, wars and conflicts. "

He referred to the responsibility of the government, the judicial and judicial authorities, especially the president and the commission for monitoring the implementation of the constitution in relation to the constitution, and said:

"In particular, the Independent Review Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution as an institution that oversees its implementation has entrusted a very serious responsibility"

At the end of the fifteenth year, he congratulated the constitutional government and the noble nation of Afghanistan, adding: "We all, respecting the constitution, and respecting its values ​​and its rulings to strengthen the rule of law in the country"

Then, Mr. Mohammad Khalil Qayyami, representative of the Constitutional Review Commission, addressed the need for humanitarian law, the approval process and the features of the constitution, he said:

"The law is one of the urgent and essential needs of the human community, which leads the very existence of the law to the will of mankind to salvation and civilization."

He added that the law has two personal and social dimensions, one followed by individual beliefs, beliefs, rights and freedoms, and the social dimension of those relationships and relations with others.

Mr. Qayyami noted that the community, the rule and the law of the three elements complement each other, which is directly related to human life, and has adopted one of the best laws of the world in the Constitution of Afghanistan, which was approved in 162 articles and twelve chapters, saying:

"The principles and principles of our constitution are a system based on the law of Islam, which is the principle of respect for all nations and other affairs, the principle of the tax law of Article 42, the principle of innocence. "

He also noted that the law is flexible and flexible in a flexible manner in which parliament has the authority to amend the law and that it is more rigid to lay down uncompromising conditions that, other than the establishment of the Loya Jirga, no other person and other bodies are competent to change. It is not in the law that our law is also an inflexible law.

In the past, he terminated his speech by explaining a number of constitutional articles.

"In the past, he terminated his speech by explaining a number of constitutional articles.
In the past, the congress ended with the words of Lady Negina Koohi, a staff member of the National Bureau of Standardization, on the history of the constitution in Afghanistan and the distribution of a constituent volume conveyed by the commission.


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Report of the fifteenth anniversary of the adoption of the constitution and the commemoration week of the constitution

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