High Council of Standards

The High Standard Council was established in 2010 under the order of Article 8 of the Standardization Law under the chairmanship of the Second Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The Ministry of Public Health was the Director General of the National Environmental Protection Agency, the Academy of Sciences, the National Standards Office, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Secretary of the Council was the Technical Deputy and The National Standards Office was headed by the Minister of Trade and Industry.

After the implementation of the new law on standardization in 1390, the High Council of Standardization with the membership of the General Director of the National Standards Office as Deputy, Deputy Minister of Revenue and Customs, Deputy Minister of Economy, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Deputy Minister of Communications, Deputy Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Deputy Minister of Public Benefits, Deputy Minister of Public Health, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Deputy Minister of Transport, Deputy Minister of Telecommunications, Director General of the Academy of Sciences, Head of Environmental Protection Department, Kabul Municipality, Deputy Director of National Office of Local Authorities And the Technical Deputy of the National Standards Office as a secretary under the direction of His Excellency  Pooh Sarwar Danesh,  the Deputy President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, according to Article 9 of the Standard Law of this council has the following duties.

1. Approve the strategy and general policies of the National Standards Office, and monitor its implementation.

2. Ratification of standards and national construction fertilizers and norms.

3. Approving and drafting technical regulations and submitting them to the Cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for approval.

4. Approval of the annual plans of the National Standards Office.

5. Approving the prices of standards and national construction fertilizers and other marketable publications

6. Approval of related bills and procedures

Since its establishment, this council has held 26 meetings, and has approved 617 national standards, 6 national construction fertilizers and a strategic plan of the National Standards Office for the years 1390 to 1394.



High Council of Standards