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Dr. Naqibullah Faiq , The Director General of ANSAhhh

Dr. Naqibullah Faiq, son of Muhammadullah, was born in 1979 in Akhundbai village, Almar district of Faryab province; he completed his primary, elementary, and high school education at Amir Ali Sher Nawai High School, thereafter gaining admission to Balkh Medical University. He successfully graduated in 2004 specializing in the field of ultrasound.

He served Afghanistan for five years at the Faryab Health Directorate, thereafter performing the duties of Head of Public Health Department for Almar district. In addition to his with formal role he also held the position of Managing Director of Kal Chourgoi weekly and served as the Cultural Vice President of Junbish Milli Islami in Faryab.

Through parliamentary election, he was appointed to the Wolasi Jirga as the head of the Health, Sport and Youth Commission during which time he was considered the tower of strength for the youth of Afghanistan, using his parliamentary position to champion their causes.

He is an active supporter of democracy and freedom of expression, supporting the freedom of the press in Afghanistan, gaining popular support as a member of parliament known as being loyal and courageous in his support of the people.

Dr. Naqibullah Faiq was designated as the Director General of ANSA by means of Presidential Decree number 143, and was introduced to the staff of ANSA by members of cabinet, many parliament members, and other high ranking governmental officials on his induction to office.

Dr. Naqibullah Faiq has from the start endeavored to raise ANSA to be an active, service driven authority regardless of the challenges faced both materially and culturally with the understanding and acceptance of standardization throughout all levels of public, private and civil demographics.

The fact that standards related activities are rare and can cause confusion among the public and organizations there is a reluctance to transfer these responsibilities to ANSA. Bringing standardization to an international level in Afghanistan is a serious challenge, yet one that Dr. Faiq has determined to bring to fruition.